1.  Which paint is best? 

There are many paint manufacturers in South Africa and the product offerings are vast. The old adage “you pay for what you get” applies to paint as it does to most things in life. Manufacturing a high quality product is possible for a reputable manufacturer, but manufacturing the same quality consistently requires a lot of dedication to quality. Testing of Raw materials and manufactured product through the stages requires capital investment as well as permanent personnel. A ‘horses for courses’ approach is often the best one. Guarantees form a large part of the requirements of the client. The best paint is the system that addresses the needs of the building in a cost effective way and provides a satisfactory finish with a life expectancy in line with the guarantees provided. We do need to bear in mind that there is the risk of human error or failure of the paint system. In line with this the use of a manufacturer who could not afford to honour a claim to the value of the project undertaken should be avoided. 

2. Who is responsible for the specification of the product? 

The contractor may have the knowledge in most cases to specify the correct products, but since the Manufacturer carries the guarantee we suggest the responsibility be given to them. The selection of manufacturers often relies on the applicator or the clients personal preference. The use of an independent third party consultant is advised.

3. How do I know if the job was done correctly? 

A third party consultant can be used and if needed the manufacturer will often write a report on some failures. This varies. Preventing this doubt is key and as such the use of an independent authority is advised. 

4. Why is there such a big difference in pricing between the quotes I have received?

The scope of work will dictate what the contractor’s price on and if this is not clear it could result in large variations. Contractors who do not comply with statutory requirements and industry regulations may have a pricing advantage, but this is a disadvantage to the client from a liability point of view. Natural variations occur in the competitiveness of contractors and the different business models. Re-measurable items in the scope can affect pricing. Access affects pricing as some contractors outsource this and some will own scaffolding. 

5. How do I benefit from using a Third Party?  

The use of a third party revolves around their independence and the knowledge of the industry and the buildings requirements. We encourage our clients to use responsible third party consultants. As with any industry it is advisable to establish what exactly you are being charged for and what services are being provided. Working hand in hand with a consultant could have the affect of bringing together the technical expertise of the Manufacturer, third party and the Contractor to provide a successful painting job. This is similar to using a designer to bring together different disciplines to create the required result.     

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